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  • The principle of contact sterilization? How does contact-killing work?
    Since the GERMAGIC™ thyme coating contains thymol, which has a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, when microorganisms reach the surface of the coating and come into contact with the bactericide, the coated microcapsule organic matter can pierce the outer wall of bacteria and viruses, leaving Microbial killing. Since the ingredients of GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating contain Thymol, which can kill a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, the coated microcapsules can puncture the outer walls of bacteria/viruses and kill the micro-organisms when they reach the surface of the coating and come into contact with the bactericide.
  • The principle of releasing sterilization? How does release-killing work?
    GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating is a microencapsulation technology that encapsulates a volatile biocide for delayed release. When the microorganisms are still floating in the air, they will be killed when they come into contact with the released fungicides. GERMAGIC™ Thyme encapsulates volatile biocides which are continuously control-released into the air. The microbes are eliminated when they come into contact with these volatile biocides in air.
  • Does the process of antibacterial adhesion have a bactericidal effect? What is the principle? Is GERMAGIC™ Thyme an anti-adhesion germicidal? If not, how does it work?"
    Antibacterial adhesion is not bactericidal, but it can free up space for contact kills to kill again. Our coating uses microcapsules to encapsulate fungicides. When we choose microcapsule materials, we choose some special materials that can prevent microorganisms from attaching to the surface. GERMAGIC™ Thyme's anti-adhesion is not germicidal. However, it promotes contact-killing as it prevents the surface from being covered. Anti-adhesion is achieved by selecting special encapsulant material which promotes anti-adhesion during the formulation stage .
  • GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating Against Novel Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2)? Can GERMAGIC™ Thyme fight against the Novel Coronavirus Disease (SARS-CoV-2)?
    Because the novel coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) is a brand new strain, the world's major testing institutions have not yet provided testing services for the virus. We will be closely monitoring the detection and testing of the novel coronavirus. At present, the U.S. EPA and Health Canada have also launched a test plan for killing the new coronavirus, suggesting that the industry should use the feline calicivirus (FCV), which is regarded as the "gold indicator", as an alternative virus for the new coronavirus. We have previously tested feline calicivirus in Australia and achieved a >99.99% kill rate, and confirmed that it is effective against the new coronavirus. As the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is a new virus strain, there is currently no facility that provides SARS-CoV-2 for testing. We will continue to engage with various test centres for any update on the Novel Coronavirus test. US EPA and Health Canada have implemented test programs to evaluate disinfectants' efficacy against the Novel Coronavirus. The “Gold Standard”, Feline calicivirus (FCV), has been recommended to be the surrogate virus to substitute SARS-CoV-2. We have already tested GERMAGIC™ Thyme against FCV in Australia and have achieved a >99.99% reduction rate, thus supporting that GERMAGIC™ Thyme is effective against the Novel Coronavirus.
  • Is it safe to use GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating? Is it safe to use GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating?
    GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating has passed and obtained over 100 certifications and tests in multiple countries, including Acute Oral Toxicity Test, Acute Inhalation Toxicity Test and Multiple Intact Skin Irritation Test Age people and objects are non-toxic and harmless. It has been clinically tested in multiple hospitals for up to six months, and it has been confirmed that both inhalation and eating are complete. GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating has passed and obtained more than 100 certifications and tests in various countries, including "Acute Oral Toxicity Test", "Acute Inhalation Toxicity Test" and "Multiple Complete Skin Irritation Tests" and have confirmed that it is non -toxic and harmless to any age group of humans and pets. Clinical tests have been conducted in several hospitals for up to six months and confirmed that it is safe for both being inhaled and taken into the body.
  • Is GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating Harmful to the Skin? Is GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating harmful to the skin?
    GERMAGIC™ thyme coating has passed the "Multiple Intact Skin Irritation Test" and PH test, the test result is non-irritating and the pH value is 7.81, even if it is exposed to humans or animals for a long time, it is harmless. If individual users are allergic to thyme, it is recommended to consult a family doctor first. GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating has passed the "multiple complete skin irritation test" and pH test. The test result is non-irritating with the human body or animal that is exposed to it for a long period of time and its pH value is 7.81. If individual users are allergic to thyme, it is recommended to consult a doctor first.
  • How long is GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating good for? What is the validity period of GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating after application?
    GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating is proven to be good for up to 90 days, but please note that alcohol and dish soap will reduce the validity of the coating. GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating has been verified that it can last for up to 90 days after application, but please note that alcohol and detergent will reduce the coating's validity period.
  • What is the difference between GERMAGIC™ thyme coating and photocatalyst technology? How is GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating different from photocatalyst technology?
    It is inconvenient for us to comment on individual technologies, but it is said that photocatalyst technology requires UV light to produce chemical action for disinfection. However, if the disinfection site lacks UV light for a long time, the antibacterial effect of the coating will gradually decrease or become invalid. On the contrary, GERMAGIC™ thyme coating does not have the above problems because it uses contact killing and release killing.We will not comment on individual technologies but it is known that photocatalyst technology needs to be chemically disinfected by UV rays. However, if UV rays are lacking in disinfection environment for a long time, the antibacterial efficacy of the coating will gradually decrease or fail. On the contrary, GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating does not have the above issue because it uses contact-killing and release-killing mechanisms.
  • There are many products on the market that claim to provide a protective coating, so why choose GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating? Why choose GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating among many other products on the market that claim to provide a protective coating?
    GERMAGIC™ thyme coating has been developed for more than 17 years. It is researched by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for the Hong Kong environment. It has more than 100 certifications and clinical trials. It is completely 100% made in Hong Kong, which is a guarantee of confidence. GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating has gone through research and development for more than 17 years by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It has more than 100 certifications and clinical trials. It is 100% made in Hong Kong.
  • If certain places or objects are frequently exposed or exposed to many bacteria and viruses, will this reduce or even disappear their sterilization function? Will the coating dissipate sooner if there is a significant amount of germs on the surface?
    GEMAGIC™ thyme coating not only releases thyme essential oil for inactivation, but also sterilizes through different ways, not just thyme essential oil. In addition, an earlier half-year test at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority showed that the coated barrier curtains can still effectively reduce the microbial count by at least 99%. While GERMAGIC™ Thyme releases thyme essential oil for disinfection, GERMAGIC™ Thyme can perform multiple routes of disinfection and does not rely solely on thyme essential oil. Moreover, we have previously conducted a 6-month long experiment with Hong Kong hospitals and found that the partition curtains coated with our antimicrobial coating were able to maintain a more than 99% reduction in microbial count compared to uncoated curtains.
  • Do I need to clean the countertop (or surface) before applying the GEMAGIC™ Thyme coating? Do I need to clean my table (or other surfaces) before applying GERMAGIC™ Thyme?
    GEMAGIC™ thyme coating provides long-lasting protection in addition to disinfecting contaminated surfaces. We therefore recommend cleaning the surface first so that the coating can adhere evenly to the surface. While GERMAGIC™ Thyme can disinfect microbes on a contaminated surface, the coating aims to provide long-term protection. We recommend pre-cleaning the area of application so our coating can firmly attach onto the desired area instead of items laying on top of the area.
  • What should I do if there are water spots on the surface and glass after spraying GEMAGIC™ thyme coating service? What should I do if there are stains of water on the surface of the object and glass after spraying GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating?
    Generally, after spraying the GEMAGIC™ thyme coating, you only need to wait about 15 minutes for the coating to dry before wiping with water. During the spraying period, a faint thyme smell will be released, which will only last for about 3 to 5 minutes before dissipating. In general, you only need to wait about 15 minutes for the coating to dry after spraying the GERMAGIC™ thyme coating, and then wipe it with clean water. When spraying, it will release a light thyme fragrance which will be dispersed in 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Can I still perform daily cleaning after the GEMAGIC™ Thyme coating service? Should I continue cleaning my table after applying GERMAGIC™ Thyme?
    The purpose of GERMAGIC™ thyme coating is to play a sterilizing and sterilizing effect after cleaning but before the next cleaning, enhance cleaning performance and provide a safe environment. We recommend that after the coating is dry, the surface of the item can be cleaned with a clean cloth lightly soaked in our GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating Enhancer or diluted bleach or disinfectant. However, do not use cleaning products containing alcohol and detergent, so as not to damage the coating performance. GERMAGIC™ Thyme is designed to complement and routinely reinforce cleaning practice to provide a safe environment in between cleanings. We recommend continuing surface cleaning by using a damp cloth soaked with our Coating Reinforcer or with diluted bleach. Avoid using alcohol or detergents.
  • If I accidentally use alcohol or detergent, does that mean my coating is gone? I accidentally cleaned my table with alcohol/detergent, does that mean my coating is gone?"
    GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating can withstand 5-6 cleanings with alcohol or detergent, so don't worry too much. If you are unsure or have a hard time remembering how many times you have cleaned with alcohol or detergent, we recommend re-spraying a few coats. GERMAGIC™ Thyme can withstand multiple cleanings with alcohol and detergent. Therefore, there is no need to worry if the coated surface is accidentally cleaned with alcohol and/or detergent for 5-6 times. We recommend reapplying the antimicrobial coating if you are uncertain about the number of accidental cleanings.
  • Does the use of GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating reduce personal cleaning or disinfection? Can I pay less attention to my personal hygiene after applying GERMAGIC™ Thyme?
    Although GERMAGIC™ thyme coating can provide long-lasting protection and reduce the chance of vector transmission from objects, personal hygiene should still be done well, such as frequent hand washing, wearing a mask, and getting enough sleep, etc., in order to fully combat the epidemic. Although GERMAGIC™ Thyme provides long-term protection and reduces the chance of indirect transmission, personal hygiene still needs to be well-maintained. We should wash hands frequently, wear masks, take enough rest, etc., to be fully prepared to fight the pandemic.
  • What is the process to make an appointment to spray GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating? What is the appointment booking process if I want to apply GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating Service?
    You can contact our customer service first to provide specific service locations. If necessary, we may need to come to pre-assessment. We will provide quotation and service time later, after confirmation by both parties. You can contact our customer service to advise of specific locations you would like us to service. We may need to visit the site concerned to evaluate in advance if required. We will provide quotation and service time later after confirmation from both parties.
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