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GERMAGICIntroduction to Thyme Coating

ProOrganic is GERMAGIC™ Officially authorized professional service team, using GERMAGIC™ Thyme; intelligent long-acting bactericidal coating technology provides physical antibacterial disinfection coating services for homes, offices, schools, shopping malls, institutions, public places or medical facilities.GERMAGIC™Thyme is safe, non-toxic, mild and non-irritating. It continuously releases the disinfection effect for 180 days, kills bacteria and viruses, and maintains environmental hygiene and safety. Just need to spray onceGERMAGIC™ Thyme coating is applied to shared facilities or objects (such as combination locks, door handles, chairs and tables, etc.), and a protective film will be formed when the coating is dry. When bacteria or viruses reach the surface of the coating, they will be killed. Effectively reduce the chance of spreading the virus through the surface of shared facilities, and the efficacy can be up to 180 days confirmed by a third-party laboratory.

GERMAGICComposition and smart technology of thyme coating

GERMAGICThe technology of thyme coating was developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2003 due to the SARS epidemic at that time. After 17 years of hard work, more than 115 certificates have been obtained, and it has also cooperated with hospitals to pass clinical tests. GERMAGICThe thyme coating uses smart nano-capsules to wrap the disinfectant. The research team selected thyme essential oil from over a hundred natural essential oils as the most effective sterilization formula, which is non-toxic and harmless.

GERMAGICThyme coating uses the principles of contact killing and release killing to achieve long-term killing effect. Contact killing means that when microorganisms reach the surface of the coating, the antibacterial surface of the microcapsules can pierce the microorganisms to form a physical kill. At the same time, the disinfectant in the microcapsules will be released to form "release killing, which will double kill microorganisms. The smart technology can make the microcapsules open to release the disinfectant when the coating is pressed or heated. When the disinfection and sterilization process is completed, the microcapsules are closed to preserve the disinfectant, which can be disinfected for a longer time.

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Substantiation of GERMAGIC Thyme

GERMAGIC™ third parties in many countries as an effective sterilizing agent and safe disinfectant, including testing on the new novel coronavirus COVID-19 (i.e. SARS-CoV-2) by US Microbac Laboratory on the proven efficacy of GERMAGIC Thyme coating. At the same time, a number of skin, inhalation, eye irritation, and oral food tests have been carried out, and they have proven to be harmless to humans and animals. Doctors from the Center for Health Protection, Haven of Hope Christian Hospital, and Queen Elizabeth Hospital have affirmed and support the effective use of GERMAGIC Thyme coating technology. GERMAGIC Thyme is 100% developed and manufactured by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with results and confidence guaranteed.


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