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GERMAGIC long-acting sterilizing and deodorizing mist - "long-acting intelligent bactericidal coating technology" developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Jiehe Joint Laboratory, 30-day long-term anti-epidemic protection, killing 99.9% * "viruses, bacteria and fungi", It can also kill the new coronavirus.

It adopts "long-lasting intelligent antibacterial coating" technology, containing millions of nano-capsules, composed of polyethyleneimine antibacterial polymer, and wrapped with sterilized thyme essential oil. When microorganisms come into contact with the microcapsules, the antibacterial surface of the microcapsules will physically puncture the microorganisms, and the thyme essential oil that destroys the outer membrane of the microorganisms will be automatically released from the capsules, and the outer membrane of the microorganisms will also be destroyed. Spread the bacteria to achieve long-term killing.

GERMAGIC "Long-lasting Smart Anti-bacterial Coating" can be used on the surface of different materials (including: metal, concrete, wood, glass, plastic, as well as fabric, leather and fiber, etc.).

Long-acting sterilization + deodorant spray 30 days 200ml x 12 sticks (1 box)

HK$2,616.00 Regular Price
HK$2,354.00Sale Price
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