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WHO recommends alcohol-based hand sanitizer formulations-Sterilization rate up to99.9%

There are many alcohol sanitizers on the market, but many do not label the alcohol content. Insufficient alcohol content can only inhibit bacteria, but cannot effectively disinfect. WHO formula contains80%Ethanol alcohol, effective disinfection, and confirmed again in the "Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Pneumonia Infected by Novel Coronavirus",75%Ethanol has been effective in eliminating the new coronavirus.


Ethanol formula, does not irritate the skin

Alcohol sanitizers on the market are mainly divided into isopropyl alcohol(Isopropyl Alcohol)and ethanol(Ethanol)two categories,Isopropyl alcohol formula volatilizes slowly, is easy to remain, is more likely to cause allergies, and is more toxic if eaten by mistake. It is not suitable for children to use, but due to its relatively cheap price, many alcohol disinfectants on the market will use isopropyl alcohol.ArtecMedIn addition to using ethanol, add glycerin and vitaminsEto reduce dry skin irritation.

ArtecMed 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer (30ml/60ml/250ml/500ml)

30ml: KDL Feeding Long Nozzle Syringe (30ml)
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