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GERMAGICHypoallergenic hand sanitizer-The patented technology of long-lasting intelligent antiviral coating developed by the team of professors from the "Hong Kong University of Science and Technology-Jiehe Industrial Joint Laboratory"(MAP-1), long-lasting4hour sterilization99.999%, can be sprayed on hands, longer lasting than alcohol sterilization. Wear long-lasting invisible germicidal gloves on your hands after use and prevent bacteria from adhering to your hands. Through multiple safety tests, including skin irritation test, acute inhalation toxicity test, oral poison safety test, and acute eye irritation test, to ensure that the epidemic prevention and sterilization is safe and non-irritating, and is harmless to the human body and the environment.


  • EU standard certification,1Quick sterilization in minutes99.999%*, a fully safe and confidently guaranteed antibacterial hand sanitizer.

  • Rinse-free, alcohol-free, non-irritating to the skin, light and dry, safe and long-lasting!

  • Suitable for anyone(Safe for children to use).

  • main ingredient:Natural thyme essential oil,polyethylenealkeneimine,get togetheralkene,pure water

GERMAGIC - 4 Hour Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizer (500ml / 1L)

500ml: GERMAGIC - 4小時低敏殺菌搓手液 (500ml)
1L: GERMAGIC - 4小時低敏殺菌搓手液 (1L)
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