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We provide medical grade and immunization products to the Government & private entities and the public for years with spirit of striving for better.


We provide medical grade and immunization products to the Government & private entities and the public for years with spirit of striving for better.  Nowadays, from our years’ experiences in purifying and disinfection services, affirmation and accreditation from customer are credited. In return to our customer, we keep expanding our product and services range to meet their needs.


In 2019, GERMAGIC™ authorized ProOrganic to be the official professional G Coating Specialist It uses "GERMAGIC™ Thyme Coating" intelligent long-lasting antiseptic coating technology to provide physical antimicrobial disinfection for homes, offices, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, medical facilities and public places. GERMAGIC™ Thyme is safe and non-toxic, mild and non-irritating. It can continuously release disinfection effects for 90 days to kill bacteria and viruses, and maintain environmental hygiene and safety. You only need to spray GERMAGIC™ Thyme coating once on shared amenities or objects (such as password locks, door handles or chairs and tables, etc.), and when the coating is dry, a protective film will be formed. Bacteria or viruses that come in contact with the coating will be instantly killed, therefore effectively reducing the chance of spreading the virus through shared surfaces.

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Substantiation of GERMAGIC Thyme

GERMAGIC™ third parties in many countries as an effective sterilizing agent and safe disinfectant, including testing on the new novel coronavirus COVID-19 (i.e. SARS-CoV-2) by US Microbac Laboratory on the proven efficacy of GERMAGIC Thyme coating. At the same time, a number of skin, inhalation, eye irritation, and oral food tests have been carried out, and they have proven to be harmless to humans and animals. Doctors from the Center for Health Protection, Haven of Hope Christian Hospital, and Queen Elizabeth Hospital have affirmed and support the effective use of GERMAGIC Thyme coating technology. GERMAGIC Thyme is 100% developed and manufactured by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with results and confidence guaranteed.

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Technology of GERMAGIC™ Thyme

GERMAGIC™ Thyme coating technology was developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2003 in response to the SARS epidemic. After 17 years of development, it has obtained more than 115 certificates and substantiations, and has passed extensive clinical testing in hospitals. GERMAGIC Thyme coating is a disinfectant wrapped in smart nano-capsules. The research team identified thyme essential oil to be the most potent amongst hundreds of other natural essential oils. Thymol, a terpene from thyme, plays the prominent role in thyme essential oil’s antimicrobial effect, which is non-toxic and harmless.

GERMAGICThyme coating technology uses the principles of "contact killing" and "release killing" to achieve the long-lasting effect of the solution. "Contact killing" means that when microorganisms reach the surface of the coating, the antimicrobial surface of the microcapsules can puncture the microorganisms to be eliminated. At the same time, volatile biocides encapsulated in the microcapsules are continuously controlled-released into the air to achieve "release killing" when microbes come in contact. GERMAGIC™️ Thyme’s smart technology enables the microcapsules to open and release the disinfectant when the coating is pressed on or exposed to heat. When the disinfection and sterilization process is complete, the microcapsules will fold to preserve the disinfectant, which prolongs its effectiveness. 

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